“Design is about human center”



Design Director

Phung has been involved in the Interior Design Industry for more than twelve years. She graduated a Bachelor of interior design on 2007, and created numberous of impressive projects in residental, office, restaurant, lobby segments while working as an interior designer.

SQ Studio was born by Phung’s vission of a viable business opportunity for a standalone design firm, not associated with an construction firm, furniture store or dealership. Her 8 years experience of managing design department at Square interior company helps explore endless possibilities of the design process.

Phung is the author of BE NUOC TINH YEU book – published on December 2018. Based on DISC theory, the book provides deep understanding of children – human psychology, and their insights. This greatly contributes to her standpoint about designing work at SQ Studio: design is about human center.

In 2019, Phung got a scholarship by Denmark government on sustainable development, based on her contribution on Lovenfun – Vietnam charity alliance.