SQ Studio strike to be a forward thinking, committed & quality interior design film. Our Interior Designers take on the responsibility of creating environments that enhance the beauty and functionality of our client’s interior spaces. Some of our reputable projects include residential, villa, commercial, hospitality, restaurant and tenant improvements.

As qualified design professionals, we offer a wide range of services such as, design consultations, space planning, contractor management, art curation and more. In every project, we analyse client space requirements & design intents to establish a characterstic identity and incorporate it into the space. We put in max effort in creating quality environment for our client.


At SQ studio, we believe that design work is not only aesthetics and function matter. Working on human center principles is the way of approach to create a new space. On December 2018, we have finished a research named BE NUOC TINH YEU about children psychology, this is a project in Lovenfun – reunion of volunteers.

BE NUOC TINH YEU is a book of children psychology, based on DISC principles. In this project, we analysed useful knowledge about the needs of different children. SQ studio is grateful to contribute meaningfully to towards our community and our youth. The purpose is:

  • To understand each child needs to be encouraged and motivated in a different way.
  • Understanding motivation is the effective way to teach children.
  • To understand how to adjust his personality according to each child’s psychological needs.

Small initactive, great efficiency.

– Yen Phung –

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